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October 2019 - Phase One of our Community Garden Project has begun! Pat and his digger have worked very hard and our garden has been ploughed! When the soil has settled it will be ready to rake in the Spring, in preparation for the next part of the phase. According to our proposed plans this will involve raised beds, climbing fruit trees, arch etc and benches to sit peacefully whilst admiring the view!  Happy days!

The crack of dawn!!

Finished for now!

A well earned cuppa! 


The whole top frame of the digger had to be removed to get it in and out of the garage!

Still a way to go!!

Even I had a go!!

Done for today!

September 2019


Dover St. Side Entrance and Garden


You have maybe noticed that things have come to a bit of a halt.  Well not completely. It’s necessary to remove all the brick cladding that was placed along the wall because this is causing most of the damp. The plan is that the brick slips will be removed and the whole wall rendered.  For this we have to have planning permission and we are waiting to receive the go-ahead from the Council.  Once the wall is rendered we will be able to open the entrance and install a ramp and path. Ill keep you informed.


School and Parish Hall


Over the summer the Parish and School Halls have been

completely refurbished. They are almost finished. Now we have proper toilet facilities, a new extended kitchen, storage space for groups and a brighter, welcoming hall which is available for parish groups to use and for parishoners to let. The School Hall has also been revamped with a restored floor and some beautiful art work. Once it is complete we will look to have tea and coffee in there after Sunday Mass so people can see the work.


Security Cameras


If you saw vans outside the house the other day, they were here to mend the CCTV at the Presbytery front door and to fit a camera in the Church porch. It’s good to have the Church open but it’s better to keep an eye out too: so smile you’re on camera.

Our Community Garden!!

24th June 2019

Our parish allotment is coming on beautifully thanks to all the work of Neil and Jimbo! Neil’s wife Angela was even roped in this week! We’ve decided to have 12 plots named after each of the 12 Apostles!  Six of our Nursery children came over on Wednesday to turn the soil over with their little trowels in preparation for their planting next week!  Grace, Faith, Cora, Reid, Conal and Alfie had such a wonderful time accompanied by two members of staff; Mrs Quinti and Ms Thorpe.  They are taking over plots 11 and 12 and naming them after the Apostles St. Matthew & St. Simon!

30th May 2019

Neil and Jimbo have done a marvellous job of our parish allotment so far!  They have created 7 ridges for people to take charge.  All the hard work has been done by these 2 amazing fellas!!  Neil is 84 and Jimbo is 97 years old!!  They put us to shame!! So if you would like to take charge of one of the ridges and sow your own fruit and veg etc please get in touch with me by ringing the office or emailing me!  Thanks, Maria

23rd May 2019

Until a decision is reached about the future plans of our walled garden, Neil and Jimbo, 2 very experienced gardeners of fruit and veg have created an allotment where they have sown onions and cabbages so far!  They have worked very hard and it looks great!  The produce, when ready will be for the parishioners but they would like some volunteers to help!  If you are interested please ring me in the office and arrangements can be made!  Thanks, Maria

Neil & Jimbo hard at work!!