Coronavirus Resources

By pressing the titles on the below boxes, you will be taken to the respective content described, we hope this can help you continue your prayer in this difficult time. At the bottom of the page there will be links to PDF documents which outline the Church's position on services at this time, and also include some relevant prayers.

This is a YouTube channel maintained by the Vatican to provide recordings of masses and other important prayers led by the Pope. It is updated very regularly and will be a good resource at this time

This site provides livestreams of services around the globe, and will allow you to partake in a live mass at this time. Several of the churches using this service are based in Ireland, and will run at familiar times. Click here for a link to the Salford diocese stream.

Here, you can watch the Pilgrim Mass at 12 noon each day at Walsingham. There are also recordings of past masses, if you miss the day's service.

This is an online Catholic radio station, which is run by a global network of volunteer presenters.